This was my first experience with a leadership coach and, although a little skeptical at first, I have really enjoyed the interaction. Reza really demonstrates the coaching and leadership strategies that he teaches and helps us practice within our 1:1. Through our 1:1’s, I feel like he is there to help guide and probe, and this helps me work on more internal reflection and identifying concrete actions I can take to improve. I have found this extremely beneficial.

Director, Engine Design, Blue OriginDirector, Engine Design, Blue Origin

I recently had the opportunity to engage with Reza for a 6-month executing coaching engagement. Thanks to his great guidance and coaching, I made demonstrable and significant progress toward improving my leadership skills and building a stronger rapport with key stakeholders. For me personally, Reza’s calm demeanor and pleasant personality, coupled with his commitment to holding me accountable and helping me to help myself, really worked well. He successfully paired several different recognized frameworks (360-reviews, emotional intelligence assessments, etc.) with custom-designed ones to ensure that my specific, personalized coaching needs were being met. If you are looking for a compassionate, energetic, and driven coach with an engineering mindset committed to helping you grow, I would strongly recommend Reza.

Matt Fleckenstein, Product Strategy Lead – Mixed Reality, MicrosoftMatt Fleckenstein, Product Strategy Lead - Mixed Reality, Microsoft

I just finished six months of executive coaching with Reza today. Reza was a terrific coach. He helped me understand and act on feedback from others, helping me truly internalize this feedback and understand it better. He was a great and empathetic listener. He didn’t just focus on my professional goals; he focused on my whole self, my values, and what I wanted in life more generally. It’s not too dramatic to say this experience was life-changing. I highly recommend Reza for executive coaching! Thank you, Reza!

Jennifer Ivan, General Counsel, MicrosoftJennifer Ivan, General Counsel, Microsoft

I find myself fortunate to have worked with Reza for a six-month executive coaching series. I highly recommend him for anyone looking to reflect deeply, understand oneself and grow purposefully, staying true to personal values. He spent a good amount of time figuring out my challenges and needs and introduced me to highly effective frameworks. He was always willing to get my inputs and adjust our approach flexibly. He connected with my partners at work and put together keen insights into my 360 development. His overall approach left an indelible impression on me!

Shireesh Thota, Director Of Engineering, Azure Cosmos DB, MicrosoftShireesh Thota, Director Of Engineering, Azure Cosmos DB, Microsoft

I had the pleasure to get coached by Reza for six months. From the very beginning, I felt that Reza could listen and immediately understand issues that I have in my daily business, hindering my personal growth. Raza’s Engineering background helped to understand the challenges and opportunities of a technical leader. During our coaching journey, I’ve got valuable input regarding topics like how to deal with the volume, scaling as a leader, creating effective teams, and using positive intelligence principles to transform as a leader and human being. I can absolutely recommend Reza as a Business and Executive Coach and looking forward to our next engagement.

Head of Blackbelt Team, MicrosoftAndreas Urban, Head of Blackbelt Team, Microsoft

Reza’s coaching has had a significant impact on my development in the targeted areas. I had set some measurable targets (e.g., feedback scores from engagements polls), and the results confirm notable progress. Reza has been flexible in re-prioritizing development areas.

MicrosoftSenior Director, Microsoft